Welcome to Civil War Wood Reproductions!

Civilian and Military camp equipment, ammunition boxes, hardtack crates, camp furniture, food packing crates, lanterns, officer's chairs and desks, and custom built reproductions.

I have been a civil war re-enactor since 1987. I've been building civil war reproductions starting in 1988 with ammunition boxes. I have always tried to build a quality item at a reasonable price. I retired from teaching in 2005 and decided to work full time at researching and building civil war wood items, hence my new web site and production items. Everything I build is based on period photographs, written descriptions, museum examples, and made to look like a facsimile of the actual item. I try to use the actual thicknesses of wood that was common, period nails where they are visible, and wood joinery methods that were used at the time. It would be impossible to build authentic reproductions without the cost of the item being unaffordable to the general public. Also, many of the materials used at the time simply don't exist today. Please browse my web site. Comments are always welcome.