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3' Folding Camp Table

Photographs exist of folding camp furniture used by soldiers of the American Civil War. Most of the photographs show officers seated around tables like this one. They are constructed of pine with screws hidden by wood plugs to simulate pegs and has movable dowell joints so the table can fold flat. These were primarily used in fixed camps and for winter quarters.


Folding Camp Stool (Wood)

This stool is one of many designs used by soldiers during the Civil War. These were commercially available but most were crafted by soldiers in the field. This is a sturdier version crafted from pine, and held together by screws hidden by wooden pegs. Like the camp table, this stool has dowel joints that allow it to be folded for ease of storage. Field tested for over 20 years.


Officer's Chair

This is a reproduction Civil War Era camp chair based on photographic records. It's crafted of 7/8" red oak, with 5/8" dowell joints, hand set rivets, brass pins and a canvas backed hand sewn period style geometric and/or floral pattern back and seat. This chair has been field tested for over 10 years and will comfortably hold 200+ pounds. Fabric can be a custom pattern or fabric if desired.


Officer's Field Desk

This is one example of the many types of field desks used during the Civil War. This desk would have been built in the field by a skilled carpenter from a discarded hardtack box as the base and materials scavenged from the area. It comes equipped with a half-mortice lock and two keys and is unfinished. We also take custom orders for desks which can be of your own design or from an original photograph. (Prices vary depending upon customization)


Garrison Bench

This is a reproduction of a very common garrison bench that has been documented from before the Revolutionary War. It's constructed of 3/4" pine with period cut nails and a garrison gray or pine finish.


Folding Camp Stool

Description forthcoming.



Special order only. Twin size beds begin at $100.00.


3' Folding Camp Table w/drawer

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3' Folding Camp Table w/shelf

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3' Folding Camp Table w/shelf and drawer

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